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Stories of the collection # 1


The Collection “Plural”: A singular collection that conjugates in the plural


“To live in one’s clothes”

More than dressing women, I wanted them to live in their clothes where they find a strong identity, their identity.

From the mother to the lover, from the one who is in a hurry to the one who takes her time, from the one who laughs to the one who doubts, to all the singular women I meet every day, I wanted them to find in my creations a sort of ” At her place “.

A construction of materials


Pour cette première collection, j’ai puisé mon inspiration dans les immeubles des années 70, contemporains de mon enfance. For this first collection, I drew my inspiration from the buildings of the 70s, contemporaries of my childhood. Buildings that I see today as futuristic pieces, drawn, bathed in light. Buildings with geometric shapes that are sometimes particular, that mix different materials, designed with attention to detail, and the comfort of those who live there. Buildings whose modernity remains timeless.

It’s a bit of all this that I search to highlight in this collection. Re-think yesterday’s creativity. I revisited the iconic pieces, playing with colors, timeless cuts and materials such as pure cotton, viscose, or neoprene, warm and light.

Restructuring to structure, explore new forms, assemble, elegance work and femininity, take care of details.

These little details that we do not expect, but that change everything. The buttons for example, which I create as jewelry, in collaboration with French craftsmen. Each model of the collection is singular, unique, thought in a variety of subjects and details.

My favorite piece of the collection

The trench. Because it combines comfort and simplicity with its bathrobe and graphic lines


The one not to be missed

Lea dress. Feminine and elegant. Its water-proof fabric used for parkas gives it volume and graphic form. Its black color, its rigid side and its zip bring it an original couture effect.  


My outfit relaxes in the office 

A huge soft sweater, light and neckline worn on a raw denim tightened by a braided rope.


For an important appointment

The green velvet Marty pants and the Ami jacket of the same color for a very costume effect.


For the weekend

The denim jumpsuit with a tight fitting pull underneath it and not outside it!


My favorite accessory

The oversize scarf without hesitation. It protects from the cold, and it can be knotted on the hips once warmed!




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