The 6 Trends for the back-to-school to adopt urgently

by | 27, Aug, 2018

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“Fashion goes, style is eternal” YSL

What is the trend of Fall/Winter 2018-2019 ? The fashion week catwalk showcased the essential pieces, the essential prints and the colors to wear this winter. LEOCA is unique and creates the exclusive prints for you every season while following trends, a touch of originality and more! Here is our decoding of fashion trends to adopt this winter.
FW1819 coats do not escape the trend of long and XXL. The place is volume and structured looks that convey strength and elegance. They are chosen as sweet as possible, without resisting the desire to slip into it.
The print continues to satisfy us with varying thicknesses and hues. This year, they are chosen rather big. We love a contemporary retro look or a Wild West look with a feminine piece.
Winter requires, we let ourselves to be seduced by the warm mesh and by the extra-large sweaters that warm us with their comfort and their extreme textures. They undoubtedly sublimate our simplest outfits.
If we imagine the basic canvas of a painter who would summarize our cloakroom FW1819, we would have timeless colors such as dark navy, khaki or burgundy. Then, as a well-cooked dish we sprinkled a beautiful bright orange and a famous blue Klein.
Already in Vogue last year, we will find velvet in all of its forms next season. It is available on jackets, sweaters, but also in pants for the most daring. Reference material in the 70s, it brings a vintage and warm spirit to our outfits. To adopt for your busy days or for your beautiful winter evenings, it’s a must-have for your wardrobe.
The combination is the new indispensable piece. It replaces the little dress that every woman loves to put on. It is adopted long or short, in jeans or cotton, for the day or for the night.

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