Meeting with Maud Falcon de Longevialle and Thomas Camille

by | 1 Aug 2018

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To begin with the story of Leoca, this is the creator. Then this is, finally, a family story between a brother and a sister, Thomas Camille and Maud Falcon de Longevialle. They are an antipode duo but very complementary driven by the desire to dress all women and girls. Their designs are based on their own history, travel and inspiration to create elegant, original and contemporary collections.
Your song?
M : Marvin Gaye, « What’s going on » T : Stan Getz, Joao Gilberto « The Girl From Ipanema »
Your leitmotiv ?
M: When there is a will, there is a way T: « Nothing is done by itself in the world without passion » Hegel
An incredible thing?
M: An artistic performance I made a few years ago in which I projected clothes on bodies. T: 4 children who are my pride and it was never planned.
Out of the work?
M: Wandering in Paris to go under all the porches and to find the hidden faces of this city. T: Asks my sneakers
Your bedside book?
M: All the bibliography of Alberto Moravia T: The biography of Churchill
Your guilty pleasure?
M: To isolate myself and to create by thinking about the scenarios of the films that I will realize “maybe”. T: Binges myself in Haribo crocodiles
Your morning ritual?
M: 10 minutes of concentration in the most complete silence just before the excitement of the day T: My running, a real freedom
A super power?
M: The power to fly obviously! T: The power to have power.
A Movie?
M: The Grand Budapest Hotel by the Director Wes Anderson T: “Some like it hot” by Billy Wilder
An inspiring person?
M: The madness and openness of an English friend T: The entrepreneurs starting from scratch
A destination?
M: Australia for its wilderness and because I lived there for two years. T: All the mountains in the world
One you did not imagine a long time ago?
M: To live, today, completely from my creations T: Do a business with my sister « few years ago, it’s not even a dream ! »

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