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« The clothes are not an artifice »

The creator

Maud Falcon de Longevialle began her career in the cinematography world just after graduating from the school of Fine-Arts. After having designed the clothes for the brand « Oona L’Ourse », creating her own brand was an evidence. It’s when the adventure of Leoca began. Concerned with the balance of forms and aesthetics, she develops the originality of her models in an artistic approach. She works every model in the manner of an artist.

Our History

Founded in 2010 by Maud Falcon de Longevialle, LEOCA « maison de couture » created premium collections for children and sold its exclusive products internationally in Japan, Korea, USA, in high-end places. In 2017, thanks to her success and being supported by her clients, the brand, renamed « LEOCA, maison parisienne », launched the creation of the women collection and open in the French market. The collections, dedicated to free, active, contemporary and singular woman, created their originality in the creation of exclusive prints, the choice of unique materials, realized with the care of the creator Maud Falcon de Longevialle or in collaboration with the artists.

Our Know-how

Concerned by details, the balance of forms and aesthetics, the creator develops her models with the inspiration of the fashion and the art by the choice of graphic forms which tell a story, of colors which cross, of the materials with soft and technical touch. « The idea is that every clothing is a unique, original, easily mix and match, for which can accompany you on a daily basis and make you beautiful ». The know-how is the central value of the brand, the tissues are French and Italian, Japanese. The finishes and details come from French workshops, the patronages are designed in France and assembled in Poland. Every detail is implemented to preserve incredible quality. All of our prints are hand-drawn by the designer herself.



The attitude of the woman who resembles us is the freedom by her way of thinking, her lifestyle, her ideas and her ambitions. This is how we decided to emancipate ourselves from the rules of fashion by opening up to the freedom of colors, materials, cuts and styles.


The founder and artistic director, Maud Falcon de Longevialle chooses and creates noble fabrics, from France, Italy and Japan, which she works with passion, attention and creativity to design singular pieces.


Every creation is a unique work, sophisticated mix of colors, the exclusive prints and bold and innovative cuts of material.


A clothing that combines comfort and movement with elegance through timeless cuts and technical materials.


All collections are inspired by the discovery of a trip, an exhibition, a film projection…on the designer’s private life.

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