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 When Maud Falcon de Longevialle was inspired by artists, artists draw her inspiration.



              Is this the painting 

              who made the coat


             is this the coat who

             made the painting?

Maud Falcon of Longevialle and Renaud Gilles, the painter, have this in common: they juggle with disparate elements, colors, materials, forms. In the manner of a music composer, they grope, build, deconstruct, create a melody, and transport everywhere.

               “I love the chaos which becomes in order”

In his artistic work, he dives into the heart of the material, tears it, uses pigments, acrylic, ink, assembles colors, creams, digs, combines, works with returned flesh. “Material is skin,” he says. A skin like inscription surface, wrinkles and scars. A skin that is given to see, and touch, that makes visible our presence in the world, our fragility, our sensitivity.

 From our material, a combination of cotton, foam and velvet, Renaud Gilles had fun with the destructure. He starts by embedding it, adds pigments, blue prussian ink, then removes it from the frame, tears it, offers the second skin to the model during the shooting, and finally spreads it against a background. and frame it.

Material is alive; the material, a skin that protects and transforms itself.

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