Created in 2010, LEOCA Paris designs a complete range of children wear from 0 to 12.

LEOCA Paris is inspired by quality materials, mainly borrowed from an adult’s wardrobe, where colours and shapes are combined with perfection and creativity.

LEOCA Paris takes special care in the design of its clothes: Timeless silhouettes are reinvented with new colours, textures and essential details. The creation process is driven by a true artistic spirit, in which clothes are not considered as an artifice. Quality and know-how are "made in France" and "made in Europe"




Maud Falcon de Longevialle created LEOCA PARIS in December 2010.

Sensitive and extravagant, Maud gets its inspiration from film-making and photography mise-en-scene. Her background in both disciplines at “Ecole des Beaux-Arts” of Cergy has given Maud the artistic eye which is found at the heart of her collections.

Concerned with details, the balance of shapes and aesthetics in general, she brings out originality in her style by constantly mixing fashion and art,and playing with colours, materials, always ensuring perfect finish.

Her collection reflects a certain vision of contemporary life, while keeping authentic roots.